Beauty Tips

Your Beauty Tip For Your Body: If you have any questions please email or ring us.
1. Exfoliate before  a body wrap
2. Do not bath for seven hours after an Herbal Wrap
3. Stay away form salt and spices for 24 hours
4. Drink at least 16- 32 onces of water
Lash Care Tips

Lash Care Tips:
1. Avoid hot water on face for 24 hours after lashes have been applied
2. Avoid oil/makeup remover on eyes at all times
3. Do not get lashes if you have sensitive eyes
4. Avoid rubbing eyes
5. Avoid mascara
6. Avoid picking your lashes
7. If you experience discomfort remove lashes at once
Please ring us to help you remove lashes to avoid damaging your lashes.

Skin Care Beauty Tip:
Question: Is it necessary to use a toner? 
Answer:   Yes it is. A toner helps to PH balance the skin before makeup or makeup primer.

Makeup Tip:
Sharpen your pencil after every use to help sanitize your pencil


Nail Care Tips:
1. For brittle nails use cuticle oil and cuticle creme together. It is  like a marriage to help with dryness.
2. Always keep you natural nails covered with a base coat and top in between manicures.
3. For tight cuticle please apply cuticle remover it helps to minimized heavy force.
4. You should get manicures weekly. 
5. You should get shellac manicure ever 2 weeks (if you desire shellac on your nails). Use hand treatment daily. No compromise with that if you have a chemical treatment on your nails

1. every 3-4 weeks  you should get a pedicure
2. cut toes nails a little shorter in the winter for boot wearing
3. cut toe nails straight across and slightly round off edges

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